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MWi 20th Anniversary Celebration & Recognition Videos

MWi 20th Anniversary Celebration & Recognition Videos

October 17, 2022

Enjoy the inspiring videos released at the anniversary dinner!

Video 1: Looking Back, featuring MWi members Sharon Canter, Karen Hung & DeVona Wright Contrell


We were bold. We were trailblazers. Milwaukee Women inc has come a long way in 20 years. We were on a mission – to change the face of leadership in our community.  Today, discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion are taking place in executive suites and boardrooms across the country – actually, across the globe. MWi is proud that the organization was focused on this issue well before it received national attention.

The first 20 years of MWi have set the stage for the next twenty. There is still much work to be done to achieve parity in our organizations. We hope the opening video and this evening’s program will inspire you to be bold. Reach out to people who may not be in your traditional social and industry circles but who can add value and help achieve equity in your boardrooms and executive teams.

Video 2: Change Agent, featuring Adena Friedman, President CEO, Nasdaq & Al Joller, Nasdaq Board of Directors

Nasdaq’s groundbreaking move established a requirement for women on the boards of Nasdaq-listed companies. It was quickly supported by the SEC. An action this significant in diversity and equity had never been done before. It’s impacting thousands of companies and is a game changer in corporate governance. And it aligns beautifully with the goal of Milwaukee Women inc to change the face and quality of board leadership for future generations.

Learn about Nasdaq Rule 5605(f) requiring companies to annually disclose board-level diversity statistics using a standardized template and have, or explain why they do not have, at least two diverse directors by 2025/26.

MWi presented Nasdaq with its inaugural Trailblazer Award. MWi created the award to “recognize a powerful voice to foster change on corporate boards and to set a vision of what modern governance should be.” It is so appropriate that Nasdaq is our first Trailblazer award recipient.

Video 3: Honoring the Legacy of Betty Quadracci, featuring MWi member Sharon Canter, and Betty’s daughter, Kathryn Quadracci Flores

The video recognizes Betty Quadaracci, who brought Milwaukee Women inc to life in 2002.

Who better advocate for change but Betty? She called on CEOs to advance more women leaders. She built awareness and visibility for women. She used what she learned to mentor many women leaders through her own success. She was the heart and soul of Milwaukee Women inc in those early days.

When we celebrate 20 years for MWi, we celebrate Betty who, phone call by phone call, meeting by meeting, laid the foundation for where we are today. Our mission hasn’t changed, but the opportunities for women certainly have. And we have Betty to thank for telling us to, “be bold.”

Betty lived it. Now we have the opportunity to build on her legacy.